About Us

 The company

Young, with a new concept, and run by enterprising and experienced people, Edinburgh Taxis utilise the best that Edinburgh & The Lothians can offer in in the personal travel market for businesses and organisations.

We’re family run, with modern ideas but still believe in fairness and value for money.
We believe that a need exists for a high quality, innovative company that can supply its customers with a range of flexible and individually tailored transport options.
We strongly believe in supporting local communities and young businesses whenever we can, and if possible will always use recycled goods and products.

 The people

 Alex Graham

Twenty five years as an Edinburgh taxi operator and a further five specialising in the transportation of children of all ages has given Alex a wealth of experience and knowledge in the personal travel market.

Keith Graham

Twenty years in a fast paced forward thinking financial environment has given Keith the organisational and logistical skills to ensure that Edinburgh Taxis can and does operate effectively.

Both directors are dedicated to providing a range of exceptional services that are safe, reliable, consistent and worthwhile.